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Are You Searching for a Cigna Dentist?

August 4, 2020

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Cigna insurance benefits claim form

Dental insurance from Cigna and other insurance providers plays an important role in helping individuals get the oral care they need without breaking the bank. However, to take full advantage of your insurance benefits, you should choose a dentist in Park City who is in-network with your plan. Are you searching for a Cigna dentist near you? Look no further! Park City Dentistry is in-network with Cigna dental insurance as well as many other popular PPO plans. Keep reading to learn more about how Cigna dental insurance works and how to maximize your coverage.

How Does Cigna Dental Insurance Work?

To understand how your dental insurance works, there are three important terms to review:

  • Deductible – The minimum amount you must first pay out of pocket before your dental insurance coverage begins.  
  • Yearly Maximum – Once your deductible is paid, your coverage will be in effect until you reach the yearly maximum, which can range anywhere from $750 to $2,000 per year.
  • Co-Pay – Patients typically must cover a smaller portion of their dental bill by paying a co-pay, while their insurance pays the rest.

What Does Cigna Cover?

Your co-pay, annual maximum and other details of your Cigna insurance plan will likely depend on decisions you made at the time of enrollment. In general, however, your Cigna dental coverage likely includes the following:

  • Preventive care: biannual checkups and cleanings and dental X-rays are covered 100%.
  • Basic restorative care: dental bonding and fillings are covered 50-70%
  • Advanced restorative care: crowns, bridges, dentures, root canals and extractions are covered 40-50%
  • Cosmetic care: teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and other cosmetic treatments are typically not covered by dental insurance.

How to Maximize Your Cigna Insurance Benefits

Want to make the most of your Cigna insurance benefits? Here are two handy tips to maximize your coverage:

  • Tip #1: Because preventive dental care is typically covered 100%, you should always make sure to schedule two dental checkups per year – they likely won’t cost you a penny! Preventive dental exams and professional cleanings are an important way to maintain a healthy smile and catch any minor issues early on before they have a chance to worsen.  
  • Tip #2: During years that you meet your deductible, you should try to reach as close to your annual maximum as possible. Most dental insurance plans reset at the beginning of the year, so if you do not use your full coverage now you could lose any remaining benefits come January 1, 2021!

Start Saving with a Cigna Dentist Today!

If you are covered by Cigna dental insurance, seeking oral care from an in-network dentist in Park City is important in order to take full advantage of your coverage and save money. At Park City Dentistry, we are in-network with Cigna and even submit insurance claims on behalf of our patients. Give us a call today!  

About the Author

Dr. Cody Calderwood provides quality dental care with a smile to individuals and families in Park City. In addition to being a proud Cigna dentist, he is in-network with several other popular PPO insurance plans, including Delta Dental, MetLife, Aetna, and more. For more information on how to make the most of your dental insurance benefits, visit the Park City Dentistry website or call +1 435-649-4343.