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5 Tips for Cleaning and Protecting Dental Implants

November 21, 2019

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Man Brushing TeethExcellent oral hygiene is a must for anyone hoping to replace missing teeth with dental implants in Park City; otherwise, the resulting plaque build-up could lead to bleeding gums, gum disease and bone loss – all of which could compromise your new smile. If you’re counting on your dental implants in Park City to last for decades, then take note of these 5 tips that will help keep them clean.

1. Brush Thoroughly Every Day

Look for a toothbrush that has been specially designed to clean dental implants; such brushes will have softer bristles that are gentler on the implant and the prosthetic tooth. Most dentists say that brushing for 2 to 3 minutes at a time is the best way to remove any plaque that has formed in your mouth. Make sure you’re paying attention to the areas that you’re brushing; you don’t want to accidentally neglect the gum line or the space under the implant crown.

2. Floss on a Regular Basis

Plaque can easily build up between your teeth where you’ll have trouble reaching with a traditional brush. Flossing is the best way to remove said plaque before it hardens into tartar (a substance that can only be removed with dental assistance) and causes gum disease. Be very gentle while flossing so that you don’t damage the implant, tooth or gums.

3. Do Not Chew on Sticky or Hard Foods

Biting down on something hard or sticky – such as a peppermint, ice, caramel, dry fruit and so on – can weaken the structure of your dental implants. You should do your best to avoid such foods, especially in the months following the placement surgery when the mouth still needs time to heal.

4. Do Not Smoke or Drink Alcohol

When you smoke, the blood supply in your gums and teeth is reduced, and that makes it less likely that the dental implants will successfully integrate with the jawbone. Alcohol is also known to slow down the mouth’s healing process. If you want to keep your dental implants, it may be best to give up smoking and alcohol – particularly during the first 6 months after the surgery.

5. Visit Your Dentist Twice a Year

Having a dental appointment every six months is a good way to maintain a healthy dental implant (as well as healthy teeth and gums). Any problems can be detected and addressed as soon as possible this way so that they don’t ultimately lead to implant failure.

There are many examples of dental implants lasting for the rest of the patient’s life; if you want that to be the case for you, talk to your dentist about the best ways to take care of implants.

About the Author

Dr. Cody Calderwood was born in Utah and is an active member of the Utah Dental Association. Over the years, he has taken hundreds of hours of continuing education, especially when it comes to cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. If you have questions about dental implant maintenance in Park City or think you might be at risk for implant failure, you can schedule an appointment at Dr. Calderwood’s practice, Park City Dentistry, by visiting his website or calling (435) 649-4343.