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Tired of Ill-Fitting, Uncomfortable Dentures? Ask Your Dentist for a Solution

September 27, 2019

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DenturesModern dentures are better than ever; not only are they more comfortable than they used to be, but they’re made to resemble your natural teeth as closely as possible. Despite these advancements, though, there are still plenty of problems that can occur. In particular, if your false teeth don’t fit properly, the result is very uncomfortable dentures – and you’ll have to live with that discomfort unless your dentist helps you solve the problem!

Why Don’t My Dentures Fit Anymore?

When your teeth are missing, your jawbone starts to break down and your mouth starts to change. The ridges in the gums will shrink over time. As a result, dentures that fit normally when you first received them will eventually become loose.

What Happens If My Dentures Don’t Fit?

In the short term, there are many ways to tell your dentures might not fit like they used to. Obviously, you’ll be able to tell that they’re loose if they move. You’ll also notice discomfort and pain, sometimes accompanied by bleeding. Eating, speaking and swallowing become much harder, and you may even here a strange clicking noise while you’re chewing.

If you don’t have ill-fitting dentures refitted or replaced, you could suffer from:

  • Inflammation and Ulcers: Loose dentures irritate the gums as they rub on them. Chronic inflammation leads to painful stomatitis, which in turn can cause ulcers. Sever ulcers might expose the bone under the gum to bacteria.
  • Infection: If your dentures are loose, there’ll be some empty space between your false teeth and your gums. Food and bacteria can easily get caught in this area, putting you at risk for gum disease.
  • Oral Cancer: The sixth most common kind of cancer in the world, oral cancer has been linked to chronic inflammation in the mouth – one of the previously mentioned long-term symptoms of loose dentures.

What Can I Do About Dentures That Don’t Fit?

You should call your dentist right away if you think your dentures don’t fit anymore. In some cases, the issue can be solved by relining the appliance (a process also known as denture alignment). However, while repairs are usually the first choice, sometimes there’s no other option but to get a replacement.

If you want to avoid the problems caused by ill-fitting dentures entirely, you should ask about getting dental implants. These metal posts will firmly hold your dentures in place and stop your jawbone from breaking down; you’ll never have to worry about your smile coming loose. Thanks to the All-on-4 procedure, even patients who have already suffered from bone loss might still be able to get implants for their dentures.

Remember, the longer you go without fixing loose dentures, the worse their long-term effects will be. Pay attention to the warning signs and make an appointment as soon as possible so that you can keep your new smile – and the rest of your mouth – healthy and comfortable.

About the Author

Dr. Cody Calderwood loves dentistry because it lets him help people lead healthier, better lives while working with his hands every day. He’s undergone hundreds of hours of education in various fields of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. Thus, he’s got plenty of experience in creating functional, beautiful grins using dentures and the All-on-4 procedure. To schedule an appointment at his Park City practice, visit his website or call (435) 649-4343.