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Advanced Dental Implant Procedures – Park City, UT

Creating a Way for Patients with Missing Teeth

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No one should have to worry about how to replace their missing teeth. When the jawbone is too weak or has little density, Dr. Cody Calderwood offers patients a solution that will have them enjoying all the benefits of dental implants in no time. Through the help of a bone graft or sinus lift, he can work to create greater density within the jawbone and ultimately, create a solid, firm foundation for dental implant placement. Although invasive, both procedures are highly successful. Schedule your appointment with us today and find out what you can do to take the next step toward a fully restored smile.

Bone Grafting

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If one or more teeth are missing along the lower part of your mouth and the jawbone is too weak for implant placement, we can perform a bone graft to help alleviate the problem. Dr. Calderwood will begin by providing local anesthesia to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Once he feels you are ready, he will make one or more small incisions in your gums and place bone minerals into the pocketed areas. These minerals can come from another part of your body, a bone bank, or animal bone. No matter which material is used, once in place, it will work to encourage the rest of your body to rebuild and strengthen your jawbone. Ultimately, what you will have is a stronger, more durable bone that will serve as a stable foundation for your implants.

Sinus Lifts

A sinus lift procedure

If you are missing teeth along the top part of your mouth, it will be a sinus lift that you receive instead of a bone graft. The reason is that your maxillary sinuses live above your upper teeth. When a tooth goes missing or is extracted, the hole that is left can cause the bone to deteriorate because of a lack of stimulation. In order to rebuild this particular area, Dr. Calderwood will use the same materials and add bone minerals to the pocket.

Over time, this bone will grow upwards and into the floor of your sinuses, creating a strong base for implants when placed.

Both surgeries can take between 45 and 90 minutes and will require several months of healing. Once you are fully healed, we will be happy to sit down and discuss the process for receiving your dental implants.